4 Ways to Master Your Mindset Around Sales as a Freelancer

Whether you are an introvert, a shy person, or just someone not used to sales, it can seem like a scary thing! Believe me – it is stretching your comfort zone a lot when it comes to putting yourself out there for your brand. It truly comes down to mindset – there are so many ways you can set your mindset to succeed while not feeling exposed as a Freelancer. As we all know, it takes a little sales to get your name out there.

4 Ways to Master Your Mindset Around Sales as a Freelancer

Here are a few ways you can Master your Mindset around Sales as a Freelancer:

Start simple – focus your desires

By doing this and keeping a clear vision of the life you want – this is the truest and most authentic way to get your mindset in line. This is the reason you wanted to get into business for yourself and your family’s goals. Otherwise, you would have stayed working for another person, growing their business and goals.

Vision boards can help you with this, manifestation mantras, or just mantras centered around the goals you have. Put them everywhere you look – a small post it on your fridge, on your mirror in your bathroom, or on your phone as a screensaver. These little messages will drive you to remember the most authentic reasons you are working hard to grow and scale your vision.

When doing this – remember to set deadlines. I.e. I want to see a $5000 month by end of 6 months etc. This will keep you motivated while working through your goals as well.

Listen to those you admire – and educate yourself

When I say educate yourself, that doesn’t always mean paying for courses or masterminds. It could be just engaging with groups that you feel supported in. It could mean hiring a coach. It could be just skill-building and absorbing all the best tools/skills from clients willing to teach.

How this helps your mindset is that it grows your confidence – even on the days that seem dark – you are keeping goals alive and expanding the potential to grow in the future just by listening more and absorbing where possible!

As for podcasts – listen to those you admire – maybe they will give you tips on software or perspectives on the niche market you are trying to corner. It could be just overall “boss” like mantras they could share to keep you focused and engaged. They also could invite guests who struggled where you have and seen the other side. This helps you moving forward and keeping your mindset positive!

Turn your negativity into positivity – never let things fester…

What this means is never to give up. Find your solution and know that positivity will come from it. Every experience is a learning experience – be it from a deal that falls apart or a client that doesn’t fit your avatar of ideals.

Even buying a poor computer – just learning what to look for in your tools – all these things only improve mindset as you become more empowered working through issues.

Yes, somedays, this can seem like an insurmountable task but believe me when I say – it truly isn’t. The power of positivity – be it a laugh in the middle of a crisis, having someone with a glass half full mindset near you as you are problem-solving – even dealing with difficult people, find the positive (no matter how small) to take away from that conversation.

You will find in time, that these challenges will diminish and leave room for the next “level” in problems to face – it shows you are growing. It shows you are empowered and getting somewhere. That all your choices (and in some cases, sacrifices) are helping you improve and grow your goals.

Reading a Good Book about Sales

There is so many great mindset authors out there to help you keep positive in your outlook and keep you motivated as you work on your business, particularly in sales. Here are a few that I like:

Take a look at their perspectives, maybe take a few notes for takeaways to use in your business, particularly if you find yourself in a difficult sales position. By seeing how someone else handled something and adding it to your process, helps your mindset keep the confidence you have built up and give you the grace to keep trying – for if someone else has been through this and seen the other side – you can do it too!

Now, these are just a few things to consider when it comes to keeping a Positive Mindset when it comes to Sales in your business – what else have you tried that has worked? I would love to know in the comments – for it might be the next thing for me to try when I feel a challenge coming on.

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