Figuring out Freebie Ideas for VAs and SMMs

So you have started your blog, podcast, and TikTok accounts – all while building your Pinterest boards, twitter followings, and Facebook groups – Oh, and don’t forget to make sure your ‘Gram account is up to snuff.

That is a lot of moving parts – but the question you have to ask yourself is – what value do you bring to the table for your followers – regardless of the name.

Now, everyone knows the power of the freebie hand out when it comes to getting your knowledge and business out there – but the key is not to make it like the others. You want to show the different reasons why clients should choose you and ensure that they are touched on in your freebies you create.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding or trying to decide on your freebie offerings:

Basics for Freebies

Maybe you are a homeschooling blog writer, and you are reading the comment section of your blog and notice that you are getting the same questions over and over – that is a perfect opportunity to create a freebie. That freebie could be steps to complete the topic of discussion. It could be a list of tools with a checklist to help parents starting to know quality apps and programs over quantity etc.

Using Metrics like Google Trends to help

By reviewing metrics tools like Google Trends, it will help you search keywords in your niche to see how they trend over time – that will help you formulate your next best hand out based on a broader demographic sample than just in your immediate family.

These numbers often help you reference hot topics to ensure that the information you end up sharing applies to the group you are trying to encourage to speak to you.

Scope out the competition

It doesn’t hurt to look at other blogger’s sites in the demographic you are trying to pull. By doing this, you will then start to create a picture of the content that is out on the market. Still, it will also maybe get a jumping off the idea that can be put together to show the uniqueness of your products/services to ensure that they aren’t another of the “same” that often happens on the internet.

The Good Old Fashion Survey

Survey your existing followers to find out what they think they need! By creating a poll on your Facebook Business Page, etc., you can, therefore, engage with your existing clients to try to help a family maintain some normalcy and perspective of what their ideal clients need. Just by creating a quick Google Form

Taking all this information into account, now what do you do with it? How to implement it?

So now, after compiling the data, what do you need to do next. The next step is to figure out what best suits the messaging you have and also something that you have time, money, or resources to create. Depending on what you decide, you may have to hire someone knowledgable to implement your creation. The steps can seem arduous, but if you break them down into categories and actions, you could achieve it without needing to hire additional support. At the same time, if you don’t have time to do it or do it in the way you envision, it is worth you asking for help.

Now for some sample ideas on what “freebies” could mean:

For Bloggers, this could mean checklists on the subject at hand that you are known for. It could mean How to Checklists (i.e., Grocery list checklists, etc.) to help organize your followers to understand your process that you share with them, how you got there and how to be accountable if need be.

If you offer a course – it could be more of a backup on a subject you want to teach. Giving them just enough information to make the freebie worthwhile, but also aiming to entice clients to pay for the whole class, not just the highlights.

You could take a few small blog subjects and create a freebie e-book that could start to explain what you are trying to sell or offer to the public in a more authoritative manner.

Why not run a free webinar? That way, you can get instant insight into what your ideal client is needing and working towards that in your future business goals. This is also a chance to upsell bundles etc on your programs so that your client sees more value and shares it with others.

Just the beginning: The power of technology is continuously growing, making it easier for you to share with your ideal client. Now, this isn’t the whole list of ideas – just a starter one. What do you think? Is there another freebie that you could share that we didn’t touch on? I would love to hear about any ideas or if you have any questions so we can expand on our response more!


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