How to Customize Canva Templates for Your Brand

One of the most common questions the Entrepreneur Templates team gets from new members is, ‘how can I really customize these templates for my own brand?’ There are so many ways to customize Canva templates to fit your needs and your own branding, so let’s just touch on the top 4 ways to make them more like your brand and fit your business.

Branding the Canva Templates:

It’s important to note that when it comes to Canva templates, your branding and aesthetic isn’t as important in some places versus others. Instagram, for example, is a platform where you want to have a very cohesive feed so it’s much more important to have graphics match your branding versus a platform like Pinterest. On Pinterest, the style of your pin designs is less important when it comes to branding and more important in terms of what drives more traffic and leads.

1) Changing Colors

In a couple clicks you can change the colors on the default Canva Template to match your own branding board. It’s amazing what a difference changing the color scheme can make when it comes to design! Just because we have a template in bright and bold colors, doesn’t mean that if you have a more neutral color scheme for your brand that it won’t work for you, too.

Here’s an example using one of our Canva Templates:

2) Changing Fonts, Font Size and Font Spacing

After you’ve changed the colors to match your own branding, the next step is to swap out the fonts and font spacing details. Do you have branded fonts that you always use for your graphics? Swap them out on the template! If you don’t have branded fonts, you likely stick to the same style of fonts – for example, always using serif fonts.

Here is an example of swapping colors + fonts:

3) Changing Images

Most of our templates don’t come with images, unless they are already in Canva, but you can quickly and easily drag and drop your own images into the templates. Make sure you adjust and crop the photo you are using for maximum impact.

4) Removing or Adding Additional Elements

Does a template have too many details or elements for what you need it for? Just click on the element you want to remove and click delete – it’s that easy! You can also adjust sizes and add additional elements if needed, for example, if you need more space for text on the graphic.


Canva Templates are truly an amazing business resource to have at your fingertips! The amount of time they save you when creating social media graphics and promoting your business is so worth the expense. When you join Entrepreneur Templates you have access to 300+ of our core templates, plus 20+ NEW templates are released every single month! Plus, you can use them for finished paid products or client work.

How to Customize Canva Templates for your Brand

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