How to Set Up and Create an Evergreen Webinar

Do you ever feel like your webinars are losing momentum? If so, it might be time to create an evergreen webinar. An evergreen webinar is a webinar that can produce results for months or even years after the initial event. This blog post will walk you through how to set up and create an evergreen webinar!

Evergreen vs Live Webinars

What are the benefits of an evergreen webinar vs a live webinar?

Evergreen webinars can be viewed at any time, which means you don’t have to worry about scheduling the event or having a live audience. This is great for busy professionals who want to run their own evergreen webinar without the hassle of recruiting participants and sharing their slides with attendees.

And hey introverts, evergreen webinars are so much easier to create than showing up live.

Evergreen webinars are also great for evergreen content that needs to be updated only occasionally over time. For example, if you’re a yoga teacher and want to create an evergreen webinar on different poses or stretches you can easily update the videos with new information without having to re-record your whole presentation each time!

Evergreen Webinar Tools

One of my favorite tools in the past for hosting evergreen webinars is Demio. It’s super easy to use and set up your webinars on evergreen.

Alternatively, I now host my evergreen webinars directly on my WordPress website using Elementor and my sales funnel website templates. I like having more control over the design, layout, and preferences for communication by integrating the webinar access directly with my email marketing platform, ConvertKit.

Some Other Evergreen Webinar Tools:

Webinar Slide Templates

One of the most important aspects of creating a webinar that is engaging and that people want to watch all of the way through is creating beautifully branded webinar slide templates to use. My business, Entrepreneur Templates, has many webinar slide templates that you can quickly and easily use to create your slides in Canva.

How to Promote Your Evergreen Webinar

With an evergreen webinar, there is less urgency and scarcity when it comes to promotion, but, the benefit is that you can promote it all of the time. Here are some promotional ideas for promoting your evergreen funnel and getting more people into your webinar sales funnel:

Add it to your content calendar.

Promoting your evergreen webinar on a regular basis is essential for keeping leads coming through it. Make sure to add it into your marketing strategy and on your content calendar so you keep consistent with promoting it.

Add it to your website.

Create a banner, add a section on your homepage or resources page, or create a pop-up to promote your webinar.

Mention it during events.

If you do speaking events or engagements, such as, hosting Clubhouse rooms, going live on Instagram, or speaking at virtual summits, mention your free webinar as your call to action if it makes sense based on what you were talking about.

Add it as an opt-in within relevant blog posts.

If it’s a topic you’ve created a webinar about, it’s likely you have a lot of blog content around the same topic. Make sure you add the link to sign up within any blog posts to keep getting more leads into your funnel.


There are a lot of ways to create and promote evergreen webinars, and you’ll have to figure out what will work best for your audience. These tips and resources should be more than enough to get you started with creating an evergreen webinar that converts.




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