The Easiest Way to Batch Create Pinterest Graphics

If you are using Pinterest as one of the main marketing strategies for your business (and I definitely recommend it!) you might be overwhelmed with the time it takes to create and maintain a Pinterest account successfully. It’s not easy, especially since Pinterest introduced new changes in 2020 where fresh pins make all the difference.

What exactly is a fresh pin?

A new pin design! It doesn’t need to have a different URL, just a new design. That’s why batching your pin design creation process is so important for saving yourself tons of time.

How many fresh pin designs should you create each week?

It entirely depends on the amount of content you have and how much time you have to put into it. Ideally, for each piece of content, you’ll create 5 new pin designs – for example, for each new blog post or freebie opt-in. From there, you can also create new fresh pin designs for any pins that are doing well and generating lots of traffic.

If you don’t have a lot of content or want to promote a new opt-in or offer, you can create an unlimited number of fresh pin designs for it. Just make sure you don’t pin them all at once – you want to space them out and make sure you are interval scheduling each new pin design to different boards, too.

Type of Pinterest Pins to Create

You can now create either regular static pin designs, video pin designs, or story pin designs. It’s always a good idea to test and create all 3 to see what performs better with your niche and audience. 

In my experience with dozens of clients, video pins tend to get more results ON Pinterest, but regular static pins are still currently getting more click-throughs and traffic. That should be your end goal, so I would suggest focusing more on regular pin designs for now and testing with the other formats for your own account.

Time Block Each Week

So, what’s the best way to create all of these pin designs quickly and easily? My first piece of advice for productivity is to time block on your calendar each week. Depending on the number of fresh pin designs you want to create each week, block off an hour or two on a certain day of the week, and stick to that schedule! 

Pinterest loves consistency so however many new pins you create and are scheduling each week, make sure you stay somewhat consistent. You don’t want to let your account go stale so pick a number of fresh pins per week that is easily maintainable long-term.

Use Canva Templates to Save Time

An awesome option for creating tons of fresh pin designs in less time is using Canva templates. You can create your own templates and reuse them, or if you don’t love design, you can join our monthly membership. You’ll have immediate access to 300+ Canva Templates, including 90+ Pinterest templates.


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