The Next Best Thing to Having Your Successful Social Media Strategy

What are the most important things to have in place when using your social media for promoting your personal brand or your services? Social media strategy is definitely one of them! Having a good strategy in place can really make a difference but although it is SO important for your business and it can help you succeed, the next best thing is the toolbox you use. Social media is not always only about detail planned content but also about the person behind it. People want to be social in both online and offline worlds and that’s why putting yourself out there is crucial and works great in combination with a solid strategy. Here are some tips on what I mean by using your toolbox.

The Next Best Thing to Having Your Successful Social Media Strategy

Being Your Authentic Self

Imagine that you have two social media pictures next to each other. One has a filter on and looks unreal in a good way, perfect person, perfect everything. Then there is another one. This one is beautiful too, but the filter used is more natural and it looks more relatable because of the person on it showing their personality. I would say most of us would choose the second one because we feel more connected to that kind of vibe.

Being your authentic self is the best way to show up because no one is perfect. Even if someone might look like they have everything in the world and they have it all figured out, there is always something behind the scenes that people don’t see. Therefore, stop deleting an Instagram story if you screw up a word when speaking! Being completely you, and using the language that you USE day-to-day will aid in your online tribe showing up to support you and CONNECT with you. Every single one of us is unique in our own way and people will be part of your community for you being you.

The same goes for the content that you share. Share things on the good days but also when you struggle. People can always relate to ‘REAL CONTENT’ because they see they are not the only ones struggling with certain things, so they don’t feel bad about themselves but rather are encouraged to share their stories and their experiences.

“Your Vibe Will Attract Your Tribe”

It’s so relevant here because the way you represent yourself is a direct correlation to the people who want to connect with you, your brand, and your business. The vibes you are sharing with your audience will only attract more like-minded people who are on the same page. It’s a snowball effect. Once you just start being authentic and real, you will get the same people in your tribe.

Although, there is another side of this, too. Let’s say that a potential client is looking for a virtual assistant. They find your profile and go through your content, watch stories, etc. Even if you might not have a ton of experience, they will reach out and offer you a job. Not because of your work but because of your energy and the way you are passionate about what you do. Many times people who are hiring are looking at personalities and what’s the person like, rather than their past experience. Of course, it is also important to know what you are doing, but you can also learn a lot and get the training from the client. People like to work with people who they can get along with and who are ready to commit and have a motivation to do their job the best that they can!


To conclude on this, two things! The first step is to have a solid social media strategy in place that will help you succeed. The second best thing to have is your toolbox. Be your authentic self, show up the way you would with your friends, aim for perfection but keep it real. You are attracting what you are and therefore the content that you share is the content that will bring you a lot of like-minded people to your tribe. So aim for the right people that have the same vibe as you.

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