Top 6 Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

Every Female CEO needs a tribe of women standing by her who have gone through the good and bad as an entrepreneur. Another thing that has been super popular for for women entrepreneurs are podcasts. It is a place where women can come together to discuss the ins and outs of life/entrepreneurship. I have listened to quite a few podcasts over the past few years and I want to share my favorite podcasts for female CEOs to get you excited and lit up for your business!

Women of various industries create podcasts to talk about the struggles of being a business owner, marketing advice, business strategy tips and sometimes life in general.

Some of our favorite podcasts are owned by wildly successful business women. Most of whom have years of insight and interesting stories to tell to other upcoming girl bosses.

Below are our top 6 podcasts for female entrepreneurs broken down into groups. Whether you’re sitting at your desk with a cup of coffee getting ready for the day or out and about — you’ll find these podcasts super helpful for your entrepreneurial journey.


Self-employment has its ups and downs. Let’s face it, some days you’re not as motivated as others. The following podcasts will get you ready for the day before it even begins.

Girl Boss Radio

This podcast is centered around entrepreneurship for women, marketing advice and tips to take you and your biz to the next level. Sophia Amoruso is the founder who has a team of other powerful women who are filled with advice and knowledge to help you on your journey.

A Creative

This one is for all the creative entrepreneurs out there. Whether your craft is writing, making a certain product or a more abstract form of creativity this podcast digs inside the creative brain to bring out the attributes that will help you thrive as a creative business woman.


Being productive and making the most out of your time is extremely important as a girl boss. These podcasts help you stay in the right mindset to get everything completed on time.

The Productive Woman

This is a podcast geared towards giving busy women tips and tricks to fight through the day while making the most of their time. It’s an award-winning podcast founded by Laura McClellan.

This podcast is the best bet if you want to gain clarity, mental focus and stay on top of your ‘A Game.’

Women Taking the Lead

Jodi Flynn is the founder of this podcast which is focused on giving you super helpful motivational tips, practical knowledge, and interviews from other boss women who know what they’re doing.

Business Strategy

Planning out an effective business strategy is one thing but initiating the process to business success is another.

Inner Boss

Jen Casey is the founder of this podcast which is filled with excellent information to get your brain moving and motivated. As a sales strategist, Jen has the ‘know-how’ you need to create a sustainable business.

From personal branding to pricing, and social media tips Jen has your back.

The Jess Lively Show

Jess Lively gives tips on this podcast with insight from her entrepreneurial experience. She’s been a girl boss for over a decade and loves helping new freelancers and business owners get started with their new journey.

Her podcast is broken up into sections so you can choose if you’d like to listen to topics on finances, career, or general advice.

Let me know if you listen to any of these podcasts and if you have a favorite drop it in the comments below.

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