What Visuals to Post on Social Media If You Don’t Have Your Own Photos to Use

If you are constantly trying to figure out what to post on social media and spending way too much time on social media for your business, this post is for you! Social media is a very visual tool for business owners to use, especially Instagram. But, if you don’t have a lot of your own photos, what exactly can you post?

1) Decide on Your Look or Type of Content

Look at your competitors who are doing really well on social media. What types of content and visuals are they posting that is getting tons of engagement? Decide what types of visual content you want to create and share for your own feed. Do you want it to be very photo visual or a mix of graphics/quotes and photos?

What you decide depends on your niche, your audience, and their interests.

2) Stock Photography

I’m a self-professed stock photography addict. I’ve been a member of so many stock photography subscription sites and it’s been well worth the investment! There are tons of free options out there for stock photos, like Canva, Unsplash, etc. but if you want something more unique, I would recommend finding a stock photo subscription service that fits your brand and aesthetic to use in a pinch.

3) Use Canva to Create Graphics

Canva is amazing, and I can’t recommend the Pro version enough, but you can create so many wonderful graphics and designs using the free version, too. Some ideas of graphics you can create in Canva to share on social media:

Quote Graphics:

Quotes are a really great way to break up your feed a bit so it’s not so photo heavy. Here are a couple of the Instagram quote templates available inside the Entrepreneur Templates membership:

Tip Graphics:

Instead of just writing a caption full of great info and tips, create a graphic to go along with it, and grab people’s attention as they are scrolling!

Testimonial Graphics:

Share some praise and feature your clients! You can showcase some of the work you’ve done for your clients and their feedback. Testimonials are a really great way to showcase your expertise and build trust with your social media followers.

If you want to save time when creating graphics for social media, because let’s face, it can be hard to create tons of content so that you are showing up every day, join Entrepreneur Templates. You’ll get instant access to 300+ Canva Templates to help you create gorgeous graphics for your business (and your clients!) in a lot less time.

No more struggling to create gorgeous content and graphics!

What Visuals to Post on Social Media

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